The Cancer Centre Bahamas Reaccredited For Another Four Years

August 1, 2019

Dr. Conville Brown is pleased to announce that The Cancer Centre Bahamas have been reaccredited for a 4-year term by the American College of Radiation Oncology Accreditation (ACRO Accreditation).

Since 1995, ACRO Accreditation has offered a voluntary accreditation program to radiation oncology practices interested in a professional peer review process to ensure the highest quality of care.  The objective of ACRO Accreditation is to ascertain that the equipment, staff, policies, procedures and treatment programs of the radiation oncology practice meet accepted standards of modern day radiation therapy delivered in the U.S.  The survey and data analysis are conducted by a board-certified Radiation Oncologists, Radiation Physicists, and Radiation Oncology Administrators active in the ACRO Accreditation process.  Each practice is examined for quality and efficiency of patient care, as well as appropriateness of radiation therapy equipment, professional performance and staffing levels.  Accreditation is awarded to practices meeting these performance standards.

“ACRO carried-out an in-depth review of our practice consisting of an online medical chart review by disease site specific team members as well as an on-site review by a medical physicist and an administrative surveyor.  We were awarded full accreditation by ACRO which expires July 31st 2023.

The Cancer Centre Bahamas underwent this process because we are committed to ensuring the highest standard of care for our patients. Receiving this comprehensive overview from our peers reaffirms this commitment, and it allows us to show our patients that they can expect true high-quality care at The Cancer Centre Bahamas,” Dr. Brown noted.

ACRO Accreditation is the only US radiation oncology accrediting body to achieve ISO 9001:2015 Certification. This Certification is a testament to quality assurance and continuous improvement.

The Cancer Centre Bahamas at the Medical Pavilion Bahamas remains the ONLY ACRO Accredited Cancer Center outside of North America that provides for all cancer needs: Screening Diagnostic, Medical, Surgical, Paediatric and Radiation Oncology Treatment all under one roof.

By Domica Davis

Public Relations Officer

The Cancer Centre Bahamas

At The Medical Pavilion Bahamas

The Cancer Centre Bahamas Support, Technical and Clinical Team Members 

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