10+ Centres, in One Pavilion, providing quality medical treatment to ALL via “Partnered Care”.
Welcome to The Medical Pavilion Bahamas
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Cardiac Care

Cancer Care

Digital Hemodialysis Care

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Ethical Medical Research

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“Providing Prompt, Professional & Personal Service with A Hearty Smile!”

“We Treat Each Referral As An Imaging Consultation”

“Our ACRO-Accredited Cancer Centre Providing For All Your Cancer Needs”

“Bahamas’ First Digital Mammography Centre” Clearer, Better, Surer For You!

“A Standardized Source Of Truth”

“Partnering to bring World-class, Ethical Medical Research to The Bahamas”

“The First Fully Digital, Non-Reuse Hemodialysis Centre In The Bahamas & Caribbean”

“Regenerate & Rejuvenate via Call Research & Registries”

“The Bahamas’ Leader in Transnational Medical Care”

Partnering For “A Paradigm Shift-Enhancing Health Through Specialized Pharmaceutical Care”

What's the Vision of

Controlling The Cost Of Quality Healthcare While Providing Affordable Access To ALL Via Partnered Care
Dr. Conville Brown