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Partnered Care Model

Healthcare is one of the most expensive endeavors in anybody’s life and individuals, ministries of health, governments and countries all appreciate its overwhelming cost and expense.

There are three main sectors in our society involved in the delivery of healthcare:

The Government (Public Sector)The Private SectorThe User Sector (General Public)

Partnered Care Model

Many systems throughout the world prominently feature one or two of these sectors in their healthcare delivery system and usually find it to be a daunting burden. For the past twenty-five (25) years, Dr. Conville Brown’s concerns insists on a tripartite partnership between the three sectorsgovernment, private and user – to provide otherwise costly specialized healthcare to the public.


The Partnered Care Model, developed and practised by Dr. Conville Brown from July, 1990, when he returned home to The Bahamas, having studied Medicine and specialized in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. Apart from the fact that most of his family, friends and countrymen would not have been able to access or afford his subspecialty services, the infrastructure to provide these services were wanting or outright absent, hence the Partnered Care model facilitates Hi-Tech Medicine that is Appropriate and Acceptable via Standards of Care, being made Available while increasing Access to ALL by making it Affordable via its Discounted Service System.

Partnered Care is a viable alternative for Governments (Ministries of Health) of developing countries to provide costly specialized healthcare to their populations at minimal expense and capital outlay. Partnered Care reduces the otherwise overwhelming burden of healthcare cost to governments, particularly in developing countries, by sharing the burden of care between the private, user and government sectors.

The Medical Pavilion Bahamas ensures accessibility to quality cancer treatment to ALL in the Caribbean via “Partnered Care,” a tripartite payment solutions system that allows all the centres of The Medical Pavilion Bahamas to partner with regional governments to cover the adjusted cost of advanced care for its citizens who are not covered by private insurance, and without any significant capital investment by said government.


Interested in the history of The Medical Pavilion Bahamas?

At a time when skilled surgeons routinely perform what would have been a medical miracle a few decades ago and when technology can diagnose potential danger earlier than ever before, heart disease and cancer continue to claim the lives of infants, children and adults. But there is comfort. It lies within the walls and the expertise of The Medical Pavilion Bahamas (TMPB) where more than 50 full-time medical staff and international directors, including world-renowned specialists, diagnose and treat patients, help save lives and improve the quality of life for thousands of patients every year.


The Pavilion opened its doors initially as The Bahamas Centre for Heart Disease, Ltd. (BCHDL), doing business as The Bahamas Heart Centre in the summer of 1990. It was the brainchild of Dr. Conville Brown, a young Bahamian cardiologist beginning his fledgling private practice. In 1993, having seen the need to expand cardiac services to combat the biggest killer in the country, Dr. Brown decided to build, via personal investment and resources, a private, free-standing facility that would allow for the development of comprehensive ambulatory cardiac services. Hence, the birth of The Bahamas Heart Centre.

Cardiovascular and chest specialists (internal medicine, pulmonology, cardiac and thoracic surgery and anaesthesia) worked in concert with specialists in The Bahamas Heart Centre (clinical, non-invasive, invasive and interventional cardiology) forming The Bahamas Chest Centre. Since then, several internationally renowned physicians have been united by Dr. Brown’s vision to bring the very best cardiovascular medical services to The Bahamas and beyond


In 2001, and as his vision became reality, Dr. Brown expanded The Bahamas Heart and Chest Centres to include state-of-the-art cancer diagnostics and therapeutics with the development of Radiation Therapy Services Bahamas, Ltd. (RTSBL), 2002. RTSBL is now known as The Cancer Centre Bahamas (2006) and is associated with a broad spectrum of advanced and supportive imaging modalities, initially via The Bahamas Imaging Centre, and later with its expanded and more comprehensive version now known as The Imaging Centre. RTSBL opened its doors in January, 2004, and has the singular distinction in the Western Hemisphere outside of North America of being awarded the coveted American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) Accreditation in January, 2006.

Two years later in 2008, The Breast Centre was opened and was the first such entity of its kind dedicated to breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and support as a free-standing unit. It was also the first to introduce Digital Mammography with image-guided biopsy capability to The Bahamas. The Dialysis Centre Bahamas, Ltd., was commissioned in May of 2011, making it The First Fully Digital, No Reuse HaemoDialysis Centre In The Bahamas and the Caribbean, and possibly in this hemisphere, with the most recent model of dialysis machines manufactured by Fresenius. Since 2011, The Partners Clinical Research Centre opened and began Partnering to Bring World-Class, Ethical Medical Research to The Bahamas.  On October 11th, 2012, The Partners Stem Cell Centre became The First Centre to successfully perform Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular Stem Cell Implantations in The Bahamas.

 The expansion of the Bahamas Heart and Chest Centres to include The Cancer, Imaging, Breast, Dialysis, Research and Stem Cell Centres was initially called The Centreville Medical Pavilion, (CMP), and now renamed The Medical Pavilion Bahamas, (TMPB). Through the years, The Medical Pavilion Bahamas and its tenants have remained at the forefront of their specializations, and continue to bring world-class medicine and technology to the Bahamas and Caribbean regions, while utilizing Dr. Brown’s Partnered Care Model to enhance access to all, irrespective of one’s ability to pay.

The Pavilion is a welcoming oasis for not only its advanced technology and professional healthcare but also its memorable, tropical vacation options. Regardless of patients’ origins, the centre is a well-located treatment destination with unparalleled features and acclaimed quality. Visitors from the Caribbean and beyond can simultaneously enjoy the relaxing environment found in The Bahamas while receiving advanced medical treatment. As a result of many of the services offered by The Pavilion, the life expectancy and quality of life of individuals in the Caribbean region and beyond, can be extended and enriched through earlier intervention which is anticipated to reduce the amount of disability and number of deaths from cancer and heart disease.

The Medical Pavilion also features the International Centre, which is responsible for comprehensive travel arrangements for international patients, including, but not limited to flights, hotel accommodations, language, diet, ground transportation for clinic appointments, insurance matters and vigilant attention to fees to ensure that services at the centre and its affiliates are competitive with or more attractive than those of other services of the same standard

The Medical Pavilion Bahamas has achieved a vast array of accomplishments over the years.


First world procedures have been delivered in these centres locally and include, but are not limited to:

  • The first local implantation of a pacemaker (1992);
  • The first local cardiac catheterization and angioplasty (1996);
  • The first implantation of a cardiac defibrillator in the Caribbean, (1998);
  • The first implantation of a biventricular pacemaker with defibrillator in the Caribbean (2001);
  • Installation of the first local 16 slice CT Scanner (2003) and in the Caribbean;
  • Digital Mammography (2008);
  • Introduction of the first state of the art radiation center capable of delivering IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy) and high dose remote after-loading brachytherapy (HDR) (2004); and
  • The delivery of the first stem cell treatment in a medical tourist (2012).

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