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The Bahamas Chest Centre Laboratory

At The Heart Of Clinical Research

The Bahamas Chest Centre Laboratory is a fully service medical lab conveniently located in The Medical Pavilion Bahamas. This laboratory serves at the heart of clinical research and provides efficient and accurate medical laboratory services to the residing Cardiology Interventionalist, Oncologists, Radiologist and Gynecologist.

Laboratory Availability

  • Available 5 days a week
  • From 9-5 pm to meet all of your laboratory needs


Our professionally trained and certified Medical Laboratory Technologist, perform a wide variety of tests to assist in the medical diagnosis

and treatment of patients. These services range from Hematological, Chemical and Coagulation assays to that of Breast tumor markers along

with Chlamdyia and Gonorrhea Gene Probe Aptima Assays. This facility utilizes as their reference lab, Lab Corp in the United States that assist in

catering to our plethora of laboratory requests. Lab reports are normally available within 24-72 hours from the day the specimen(s) was/were collected.

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